White poly courier envelopes are made from 100% polyethylene with superior tear and puncture resistance.  Resistant to water and dirt, the contents do not get wet/dirty during transit.  The gray inner layer provides document/content confidentiality.


The clean appearance of the white outer surface is aesthetically pleasing  and is ideal for high-quality printing.


The high slip interior allows easier product insertion and extraction, increasing productivity while packaging.  Hot-melt self-seal tamper evident closure increases content security.


Custom print available allowing you to to increase your market exposure.


Available Sizes:

6" x 9" - 1000/case

7.5" x 10.5" - 1000/case

9" x 12" - 1000/case

10" x 13" - 500/case

12" x 15.5" - 500/case

14.5" x 19" - 250/case

19" x 24" - 125/case

24" x 24" - 125/case