Helps reduce waste by 30% vs. standard folded towels.  Adjustable settings for sheet length, time delay, sensor range and dispensing mode controls usage and increases operational efficiency.  One-at-a-time dispensing helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination for a more hygienic washroom.  High-capacity system and paper transfer mechanism provide continuous service while reducing maintenance costs.  High tech functionality, sleek styling and quality towels make positive statements about your facility.  Perfect for washrooms or food prep areas


The enMotion® towel dispenser is a highly reliable, affordable solution for automated touchless towel dispensing. For over a decade, this high-capacity dispenser has helped facilities reduce towel consumption, waste and service visits, while enhancing image and improving hygiene. The enMotion® towel dispenser supplies a single towel by waving your hand and is the leader in automated, touchless dispensing.