The amazing PeePod™, designed by Japan's leading odor control engineers, uses the simplicity of nature as the basis for the product design.


Like a waterfall cascading down into a gorge, Pee Pod uses the same gravity flow to release the super cleaning agent (AS-ESA™) into the urinal without the use of batteries.


With every flush, powerful cleaners refresh and restore the urinal to like-new condition.  The fragrance bar with its' clean Earth-Essence™ aroma instantly fills the restroom, thereby eliminating the need for urinal blocks and other enzyme based cleaners.


-7 Seconds to install into urinal (No Tools, tapes or screws required)

-7 Minutes and whole restroom is refreshed

-7 days and 90% of Urinal odors eliminated

-10 months for clean pipes (New / AS-ESA ™)


This amazing PeePod™ restores the condition of a urinal.  Keep the Plumbers away by fully restoring urinals and eliminating urine crystals from building up in the drainage pipes with new AS-ESA™ Cleaning Agent!


The PeePod™ will clean inside the urinal top to bottom more effectively than manual scrubbing. It will eliminate 50% to 90% of urine stain in 7 days.