Bubble bags are the perfect solution to cushion and protect your fragile items for shipping, long term storage or to enhance product packaging.  High slip interior allows product to slide in/out easily.


1/2" peal and seal tape and 1" lip for quick and convenient closing.  3/16" tall bubbles for fragile item protection.  The ideal solution for odd shaped items.  Bubbles are on the outside of the bag allowing items to be inserted into the bag without catching/snagging.


Standard sizes include:

4" x 5.5" (1500 bags/case)

4" x 7.5" (1100 bags/case)

6" x 8.5" (650 bags/case)

8" x 11.5" (350 bags/case)

10" x 15.5" (250 bags/case)

12" x 15.5" (200 bags/case)

15" x 17.5" (150 bags/case)


Custom sizes and styles also available.