EasyNap® Table top dispenser capacity is 250 EasyNap napkins.  The dispenser is designed to hold one full inner pack of 250 plus have room for 50 additional napkins from the prior load, to help minimize run-out. That's twice the capacity of most tabletop tall fold dispensers and three times that of most low fold models!


The EasyNap® Table top dispenser is engineered to provide simple and dependable operation.  It functions without any moving parts and is easily refilled using the hidden latch door for greater operational efficiencies.


Compact size is perfect for areas with limited counter or table space.  One-at-a-time dispensing reduces usage and helps provide a more hygienic operation.  Dual sided dispensing allows napkins to dispense from both sides for easy access.


Merchandising window is perfect for highlighting featured items, promos or company messaging.